Adult Only Travel – Caricom – Info you always wanted

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Adult Only Travel – Caricom – Info you wanted but were too embarrassed to ask about

During the period 1960 to 1980, when most Caricom countries were seeking liberation from Colonial masters; Americans and Brits were on a request for liberation as well. The Caribbean quest was political; the British and American quest was very personal – it was a quest for sexual liberation. While Adult Only Travel should not be mixed up with sexual liberation, without sexual liberation, Adult Only Travel would not exist.

What is Adult Only Travel?

Adult Only Travel is typically vacation travel for persons 21 years and older. Some resorts make allowances for those old enough to serve in the military but not old enough to drink alcohol, the 18 – 20 year olds. Most of the vacations are all-inclusive vacations, and couples-only (with allowances for three adults, or one adult if necessary).

Adult Only Travel - Caricom

Adult Only Travel – Caricom

What is included in Adult Only Travel?

Cabana massages, Infinity pools, and Swim-up bars are staples of these types of vacations. The social scene is lively, and all-night parties are mandatory, while clothing may be optional. While many Adult Only Travel spots are in the Caribbean, Europe is also known for great adult only resorts. One of the most important features of Adult Only Travel is that they all have dining options that rival the area’s best restaurants in any country.

What are the daytime activities?

  • Night Show
  • Golf
  • Scuba lessons
  • Snorkel
  • Tennis Court
  • Bicycles
  • Kayak
  • Volleyball Court

Note: Some of these activities carry a service charge.

How does the rooms compare to standard hotels?

The room choices vary resort to resort. However, many are above typical resort standards with dedicated butler service.  Common names you can expect associated with rooms are, The Royale Honeymoon Suite, Junior Suites, Presidential Suites, Jacuzzi Junior Suite, Luxury Jacuzzi Junior Suite, Swim Up Jacuzzi Junior Suite, Beachfront Jacuzzi Junior Suite. These rooms are smartly appointed with typical excellent amenities, such as a full-sized therapeutic hot tub, Bvlgari bath products and “pillow menu”.

Why you should try Adult Only Travel

Adult Only Travel is about Rest, Relaxation, Rejuvenation and Wellbeing. Whether you are traveling alone or with someone special, an Adult Only Travel experience helps you unwind and take care of yourself. If you are lucky, you will find someone to take care of you as well.

Adult Only Travel - Caricom

Adult Only Travel – Caricom

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