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About Private Charter
Flying by private charter means you can avoid the delays and stress of airport security delays, and enjoy the privacy and comfort of your own aircraft. Whether it’s breakfast in Barbados, a board meeting in St Kitts, or a family weekend in the St. Lucia private jet charter gives you the ultimate in flexibility and control. You choose where you want to fly to and from, at your own schedule. It can also be surprisingly cost-effective on a per-seat basis, and in some cases, competitive with first or even business class scheduled flights. Chartering is the most cost effective means of travelling by private aircraft, anywhere in the world. Unlike fractional ownership or hourly card schemes, there are no upfront costs or premium hourly rates.
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Private Jets – it’s smarter to charter
Owning a private jet outright is no longer financially viable for most people but it’s perfectly possible to enjoy the VIP benefits of private jet travel by chartering a private aircraft for a specific trip – and the costs can be surprising. On a per seat basis, chartering a private plane can often compare favourably to first class or even business class scheduled fares. You can charter all types of aircraft ranging from helicopters and propeller aircraft suitable for shorter journeys; to small, medium or long range jets; to large airliners for travelling privately as a group.

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Do you need a charter? We would be pleased to provide you with a private jet ‘quick quote’ facility in association with PrivateFly. The quote provides an immediate cost estimate for a private jet charter from anywhere around the world – and you can search by specific airport or local town/city. You’ll see an estimated price immediately and can then choose to register if you wish to receive more detailed quotes from PrivateFly’s global operator network. So next time you are thinking of visiting Miami, Georgetown, Colon or St. John’s, you can do so with our new private jet service.

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