Cosmos vacations

For more than 45 years, Cosmos has been the travel style of choice for the savvy, practical traveler. With affordable travel packages to the world’s most engaging destinations, Cosmos is the smart way to go. We provide air, accommodations, transportation and the services of a knowledgeable Tour Director for much less than if you booked them individually on your own.

Cosmos Europe Vacations

Most people visit Europe to see the famous sights they’ve always heard about. But an equally important part of any travel experience is to savor the real flavor of a city or country. Stay where the Europeans stay, eat where the Europeans eat, and share the European view of Europe.
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Cosmos North America Vacations

Because Cosmos specializes in packaged travel arrangements, you can visit fabulous national parks and exciting cities from coast to coast at a remarkable price. Our clout with suppliers is concentrated and we pass the savings on to you.
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Cosmos Africa Vacations

The wonder that is Africa. No other continent offers such a diverse range of travel experiences from game watching and wine tasting to touring the Great Pyramids and sailing down the Nile.
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